Renee Falsetto, Artist

Renee is an abstract artist who has a studio in the Rio Vista section of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Falsetto is a self-taught artist, presently concentrating on large abstract works in acrylic, oil and mixed media. Originality, color, texture and balance of design are all very important to her as an artist. She moves confidently with paint across the canvas with wild abandon using various application techniques allowing only the inspiration and mood of the moment to dictate the outcome of each original work.

Her strong independent character is evident in her paintings, admired for their unabashed use of color and texture. Falsetto also has extensive experience as a muralist. She has developed and executed large projects and murals for many private and corporate clients here in the United States and internationally. Her art is cherished by collectors in the US, Canada, Peru, Italy and Germany. She has also illustrated a children’s book. Falsetto has won several awards throughout her career in recognition of her talent.

Artist Statement

I am an abstract artist.

My entire soul breathes and survives through originality, color, and the beautiful balance of design. I allow these to inspire every aspect of my life. I work in oils, acrylics and mixed media, usually on a large scale, to bring feelings and thought processes to fruition. I strive for the freedom of expression that working spontaneously provides me. I challenge myself every day to obey few traditional painting rules.

I vow to bring a powerful statement to each and every one of my creations, through the bold use of color and the liberal application of paint. Each day brings new life to me and to my art. I never know what lies ahead. this is the challenge and fun of what I do.